Ass-kicker: Virgil
Victim: Alabama Whitman

In director Tony Scott’s manic crime thriller True Romance, chivalry is most certainly dead. To be fair, though, we can’t imagine that any guy whose job is to beat the shit out of people for a powerful gangster would adhere to a gentleman’s code of conduct. Clearly, Virgil, James Gandolfini’s hulking character in the Quentin Tarantino-written, Tony Scott-directed crime flick True Romance isn’t concerned with honoring a lady’s gender rights. Just watch how savagely he cold-cocks Patricia Arquette’s character, Alabama, in the face and tosses her around the motel room like a weightless doll.

Alabama is on the lam with Clarence (Christian Slater), who stole a batch of drugs from crime boss Vincenzo Coccotti (Christopher Walken); Virgil catches Alabama by her lonesome and tries to knock the cocaine’s whereabouts out of her with inhumane fisticuffs. And, for a minute, she’s pounded into a bloody mess, defiantly laughing and flipping Virgil the middle finger as he continues to drive knuckles into her forehead.

Virgil, being a “nice guy,” skips an opportunity to finish Alabama, a dumb move that leads to the guy getting plunked over the head with a toilet bowl lid, set on fire, and stabbed to death with a corkscrew. Take that as a lesson, fellas: Never hit women, especially not women who can take more punches than a prize fighter.