For years, we’ve assumed that whenever cops catch you with weed, they just kept it for themselves. Well, these Houston cops got busted using their own technology. After arresting 19 year-old Nicholas Hill and others for having weed and ‘shrooms, the cops devoured the weed brownies they confiscated right in front of him and the other suspects.

High as all hell, they returned to their patrol car and began typing on their computers. Now, the city keeps everything entered on those computers, so we’re assuming the cops either didn’t care or were so baked that they forgot about that. At 2:44 a.m., one officer writes to the other “So HIGH…Good munchies,” to which the other cop responded “Everything should be open when we get done.”

So, not only did these cops eat evidence, they snitched on themselves. The officers are currently under investigation, and the case against Hill still stands because he’s a repeat offender. However, if this gets dismissed, weedheads everywhere will rejoice in victory.

[via Houston Press]