5. The Show Hasn't Even Aired And It's Already Had A Scandal

Even if you don't know what The X-Factor is, chances are you've heard of the drama surrounding the casting of the four core judges. Originally, when developing the show for the U.S., Simon intended to bring on Cheryl Cole, the easy on the eyes UK Factor judge, to help him helm the series. Though Cole isn't that well known in the U.S., she's big in the UK, so her casting was sort of a big deal—a transition to the States, an expansion of her career. 

So, what did she do in light of this? Showed up for the first day of auditions in a bizarre outfit with even more unflattering hair. She was let go not too long after that—though they didn't say it was because of the outfit, we would totally understand if it was—and replaced by Nicole Scherzinger. 

Now, here's where things get a little weird: Suddenly, reports started popping up that Scherzinger was always intended to be the main judge, and that hiring/firing Cole was something that had been done for buzz and that she'd been in on it the whole time. Any rookie publicist knows that even bad press is good press, so this wouldn't be surprising. Then, those reports were disputed, and it looked like they wanted to ask Cole back, but they didn't, and...are you confused yet? Because we certainly are.

Whatever happened, it's obvious that Cole is out and Scherzinger is in—bottom line is, the situation brought them a lot of press and media interest, which is amazing for a show that isn't even on your TV yet. We can only imagine the sort of press the show is capable of receiving when it is airing.