Appropriately titled The Video Game History Museum, the organization has already collected over 25,000 pieces of gaming memorabilia. The non-profit company is committed to preserving, archiving, and documenting the history of gaming culture. So imagine, if you will, one building filled with the sounds, images, and artifacts, that for many of us, instantly take us back to our childhood. It may soon come to fruition and it'd be courtesy of a few legendary luminaries, a legion of committed gamers, a few legendary luminaries, and Kickstarter.

Brown Box inventor Ralph Baer, Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, and David Crane, creator of Pitfall!, have all joined the organizations board of directors. While they are still far from realizing their dream, you can help actualize it by donating to the Kickstarter campaign! The goal is to raise over $30,000 and while the team has no concrete timeline for breaking ground, it's only a matter of time before this is made a reality.

[via NY1]