Cheater: Brad Pitt
Date Of Affair: April 2004 - October 2, 2005 

Yeah, by now the whole galaxy knows the Brangelina saga. But let's quickly recap shall we? The rumors began early on the set of the motion picture Mr. and Mrs. Smith that the scintillating Angelina Jolie (who before this got involved with Billy Bob Thornton while he was engaged to Laura Dern) and the popular Brad Pitt (married to Jennifer Aniston at the time) were getting real touchy feely. Publicists worked overtime to deny the accusations, but when Pitt and his Friends wife split in January '05, it seemed to confirm what every one was thinking: Angelina is a strikingly good-looking, pouty-lipped, man-stealing succubus. Nah, just kidding. Remember, it takes two to tango. The Jolie-Pitt union might have taken a few lumps of criticism, but they achieved that rare feat of overcoming the negative feedback that comes with cheating and somehow even had People Magazine award them with their own (horrible) hybrid of a name. (Or maybe that was their punishment?). Although they never have gotten legally hitched, the most famous American couple of the last seven years have bred and adopted almost enough kids to start their own personal mini-Wu-Tang Clan. And, through it all, Angie remains one bad mami.