It doesn’t get much older, or more manly, than Christopher Lee and Ian McKellen locked in a wizard’s duel. J.R.R. Tolkien had no idea when he wrote The Lord of the Rings that some day his beloved characters would be played by two of the most respected, and downright toughest, men in Hollywood. With over 120 years between them at the time, this brawl packed a meaner punch than people half their age could hope to provide.

The fact that a heavy amount of CGI and some wrinkly stunt doubles probably did most of the work on this fight doesn't change the fact that these two experienced actors gave a gritty performance that helped the brawl work. These men continued their path of destruction throughout the entire trilogy, with McKellan's Gandalf nearly defeating an entire army by himself. Meanwhile, Frodo couldn't even destroy a ring without blubbering about it the whole time.