On the 50th anniversary of the release of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's Fantastic Four #1, Newsarama has posted a teaser image released by Marvel Comics that seems to hint at the return of the Fantastic Four after last spring's death of founding member Johnny Storm.

Following Storm's death in the Negative Zone in Fantastic Four #587, writer Jonathan Hickman reorganized the team and renamed them as the Future Foundation, a team hellbent on solving all of the Earth's problems by using their brains, not their fists. Shedding their old costumes and logos, the team has moved on without the Human Torch, welcoming in new members to their new group, including Spider-Man.

Now it seems that Marvel is teasing a return to the more traditional Fantastic Four name with this new image. No one expected the Human Torch to stay dead forever, but is that what the teaser means, or will the group move on with a new fourth member? Apparently we'll find out this November.

[Via Newsarama]