Hot on the heels of reality programming like The Biggest Loser and The Voice, NBC is thinking about bringing back Fear Factor. Get ready to eat some bug feces!

“No one has come close to doing what they’ve done on that show,” NBC head of alternative programming Paul Telegdy said to EW. “You go back and they’ve stood the test of time. It always had this incredible spectacle to it.”

Now, that spectacle will be even greater. “I said, ‘Let’s apply everything we’ve learned since then and put together the team,’” Telegdy said. “The stunt and camera technologies have evolved since then, we’re going to be able to make it even bigger. We’re going to make it more visually arresting.”

Fear Factor indeed. Whether or not host Joe Rogan returns remains to be seen, but here's hoping he does. After all, can you have Fear Factor without Rogan? If it includes something disgusting, probably yes.

[via EW]