As if you needed another reason to be envious of Hank Moody’s life, word just got out that RZA is slated to guest star in a few episodes of Showtime's hit Californication next season.

Though the Wu-Tang leader won’t be playing himself, his character will still be quite close. RZA's character, whose tentative name is Apocalypse, is described as a “an extreme-living, mega-rich hip hop mogul who hires Hank (David Duchovny) to write a screenplay for his hot new film.”

Considering last season left us with Hank as somewhat of a lone wolf, here’s hoping some of that "extreme-living" he’ll be around will cheer the dude up...if all the hot chicks he gets to have throw themselves at him doesn’t do that already.

Of all the rapper-actors in the game, RZA is one of the best, though also one of the most underused comedically. He was one of the funniest things in Judd Apatow's altogether uneven Funny People, and that movie featured appearances from damn near every comedian working today.

The fifth season of Californication is expected to begin some time early next year.

[Via TV Line]