Rage, id Software's upcoming FPS, will find its way into stores on September 13 of this year. If you held off on pre-ordering this joint or if you've already reserved yourself a copy, you might wanna check this out. Rage: Anarchy Edition has just been announced, and it comes (what else?) chock full of extras. Players will get to run and gun with two new special weapons: the Fists of RAGE and Double Barrel Shotgun. What else am I getting, you ask? How about an upgraded sand buggy called the Rat Rod Buggy, alongside the Crimson Elite Armor? Pre-order recipients, rejoice: your copies will be upgraded to this edition for free! For everyone else, you'll still have access to a pair of DLC missions entitled The Wastelan Sewers. Best bonuses ever? Well, realistically, probably not—but hey, free is free. Even when it's not quite free because you're shelling out extra for the special edition. [via IGN]