As amazing as Google Maps is, Google thinks it can be better still. And it wants you to help make it so. 

The search giant has made its Map Maker tool available to its U.S. users so you can assist in filling out the information Google overlooked or hasn't had a chance to cover. 

For example, there are probably a number of commercial places in your neighborhood unmarked in Google Maps. With Map Maker, you can fill in the info for your favorite eateries, bars, strip clubs, and stores. 

The Map Maker tool has been available in 183 other countries since 2005. Because Google is based in Mountain View, Calif. it made more sense for them to let locals in various countries help with the map creation while it focused on its U.S. maps. 

All the changes entered at will go through a review process before making it into the official Google Maps service. 

Want to get your citizen cartography on? Head over to the Map Maker site now and get started. 

[via Fox News