Though four games remain to be played in the NCAA Tourney, our Parched Madness Tourney is officially over. As of this afternoon, voting ended and we tallied the results. These are the bars you chose.

Two Keys Tavern (75.42%) over Our-R-Inn (24.58%)

OSU plays Kentucky tonight, but in our hearts, the winner's already been selected. By a wide margin, Two Keys, representing Kentucky, took the title. Information to consider when you place your bet on tonight's match-up?

Sobelman's (80.15%) over Four Corners (19.85%)

Bet on the burgers, because the burgers will win every time. If this isn't a mathematical proof, it damn well should be.

Dirtbag's (84%) over Devine's (16%)

Arizona beat Duke last night, just like Dirtbag's beat Devine's. For so many reasons, Duke, you've had this coming.

Effin's (71.15%) over Huskies (28.85%)

Whatareyagonnado? No system is perfect. SDSU, you have the better bar, if that's any consolation.

Mulligan's (52.17%) over Johnny's (47.83%)

A real nail-biter here, but Mulligan's won. Frankly, we're a little surprised. But there must always be a Cinderella story, right?

Poor Paul's (67.19%) over Baja Bean (33.81%)

Every FSU fan is clinging tight to this piece of information. If Poor Paul's could do it, couldn't the basketball team?

State Street Brats (32.18%) over Chumley's (25%)

The Wisconsin eatery is an institution, so no surprise here. Probably there are lots of Badgers crying into their brats in Madison today.

The Swamp (95.25%) over ABG's (4.75%)

The Swamp creamed ABG's. Remember: learning how to Jimmer does not include lessons on holding your alcohol. Maybe now that song can disappear forever.