This Friday, the Morrison Hotel Gallery in SoHo will present a collection of landmark photography from Janette Beckman and David Corio, two Londoners who documented the punk and hip-hop scenes in the late '70s and early '80s. Beckman began as a photographer for Melody Maker, shooting bands like the Clash and the Police. In 1982 she moved to America and was quickly swept into the burgeouning hip-hop scene, resulting in iconic portraits of pioneers like Afrika Bambaata, Grandmaster Flash, and Run-DMC.

Corio's classic shots of punk stalwarts like Ian Dury and John Lydon (who you know as Johnny Rotten) catapulted him to fame. Like Beckman, he started out as a photographer for a British music weekly (NME), but went on to have his work used in publications like the New York Times and Rolling Stone.

"Catch the Beat: The Roots of Punk & Hip-Hop" is a masterclass in the history of two genres with remarkable overlap. The juxtaposition of the two prompts discussion, reflection, and, of course, the need to listen to some great music.

"Catch the Beat: The Roots of Punk & Hip-Hop"
Photography from Janette Beckman & David Corio
Opening Friday, March 11
The Morrison Hotel Gallery
313 Bowery, New York