2. REIGN OF FIRE (2002)

Director: Rob Bowman
Plot synopsis: A gang of human misfits defends themselves against an army of angry fire-breathing dragons.
Ideal console(s): Playstation 2
Game on: It’s the movie that Christian Bale refuses to mention by name in interviews. Along with an equally unfortunate Matthew McConaughey, Bale tried his damndest to keep a straight face throughout the phenomenally dumb Reign Of Fire. With brains turned off and beer on tap, this loud and obnoxious CGI-fest is actually an enjoyable watch; it’s awful, yes, but in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 kind of way that leaves it with a certain undesired charm.

The game potential overflowing in Reign Of Fire should be obvious for dudes who congregate weekly with their girlfriend-less chums to play Dungeons & Dragons. Had Reign Of Fire been made available to their consoles of choice instead of multiplexes, D&D heads could’ve found an excuse to skip the role-playing events and stay home for a change. Besides, a Reign Of Fire video game would delete all of D&D’s boring elements (i.e., 95% of the game’s components) and focus upon good ol’ dragon-slaying. Though, females still wouldn’t be anywhere within eyesight. That’s what “joysticks” are for—no Pause button.