CBS will soon be home to two of the music industry's biggest names: Katy Perry and Diddy. The pop stars are making guest appearances on How I Met Your Mother and Hawaii Five-0, respectively. But which will have greater success during their respective guest star appearances? Let's investigate.


Perry: Kitty Purry will guest star as "Honey," a girl who may or may not date Ted and may or may not make Barney question his callous ways. She also may or may not have Katy Perry's, um, talents.
Diddy: Per TV Guide, Diddy "plays a New York police detective named Reggie Williams who heads to Honolulu to hunt down the men responsible for a brutal crime against his family." Vigilante time!
Advantage: Diddy.

Bona fides

Perry: Katy Perry is hot, and thus was cast as a hot girl.
Diddy: Diddy can play tough, as witnessed by his turn in Made. You can imagine him going off on some vigilante-fueled vendetta against his enemies.
Advantage: Diddy.

Importance to Story

Perry: The HIMYM producers say Perry will hold some key to Ted finding his wife. The key may or may not be in her cleavage.
Diddy: If you've ever seen Hawaii Five-0 you know that guest stars have no bearing on the plot, or Scott Caan's peacock walk.
Advantage: Perry.

Audience Interest

Perry: HIMYM is watched by a fairly pop culture-attuned audience. Perry, love or hate her, speaks to that audience.
Diddy: Hawaii Five-0 is watched by your parents.
Advantage: Perry.


Perry: Her cleavage.
Diddy: His sunglasses.
Advantage: Perry.


In a huge, come from behind upset, Katy Perry looks to have the greatest potential for acting success on CBS. Sorry, Diddy, but she did have an unfair advantage. Two unfair advantages.