Merry almost Christmas! Compared to the Hottest Jewish Girls list we gave you last week, these Christian girls are noticeably more...eclectic. We can't think of another instance where we'd put Heidi Montag and Beyonce on the same list, actually. But it is the season of miracles, so anything is possible, right?

Although we had some great contenders for the crown of the "Hottest Christian Girl," many DQed after a) bashing their faith or b) forgetting they had one. We're looking at you, Lady Gaga. Anyway, we decided to make like Santa and make our own list, check it twice, and have you click through the 12 hottest Christian Women...

#12. Jennifer Garner
Christrian cred: Lately, everytime we hear about Mrs. Ben Affleck, it's about her being Mrs. Ben Affleck. So, it's no surprise that the papz even report the most obscure events in her life - such as the baptism of her daughter at a Methodist church in West Virginia. Well, thank God for them! How else could we have obtained such a necessary, life-changing piece of information?


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