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Who will be crowned 2009's #1 movie?

The Watchmen has been in the public spotlight for so long due to disagreements and legal battles that it should be renamed Kramer Vs. Kramer 2. The most important question is, Will it satisfy the devoted fans of the graphic novel created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons? It had better, because loyal fans of the Watchmen are really crazy! (It's true) Watchmen fans are even crazier than hip-hop fans in violence (such as when a rap show is wack, or the Source Awards). The only thing more violent is an unsatisfied Star Wars nerd (They will kill you), so if the Watchmen movie sucks, the loyal Army of Alan Moore will rip every last theater to shreds and there won't be a place on earth where director Zack Snyder will be able to hide (not even Doctor Manhattan will be able to save your ass, Zack)...

One element Watchmen has over Transformers 2 so far is a killer theme song, and seeing as the soundtrack for Transformers 2 is in the hands of that #2 agency (I can't remember the name of it), they'll probably fuck it up (I hope not). Look, you guys know the story about the graphic novel. The Watchmen, right? If not, then go buy the book'I'm not going to sit here and type it out for you (go to your local comic book store or Barnes & Noble and stop being such a cheap's a great read).

I think it's bold to make a 160 minute film (but I'm also a guy who created an 60 song triple CD, so who am I to talk huh?). And I'm not sure how true this is, but I was informed that Alan Moore refused to allow his his name to be used in connection with the Watchmen movie, and has given his share of his the money made from the film to his graphic novel partner Dave Gibbons (if this is true then Alan Moore is either : (a) The best friend in the whole wide world. (b) Out of his motherfucking mind, or (c) both choices of a and b combined. To play it safe, I'm going to go with choice (c). Anyway, how do you guys think it will match against Transformers 2: The Revenge of The Fallen?

I was just informed that Transformers 2, instead of being released on Friday June 26, 2009, it will be released on Wednesday June 24, 2009 (two day head start). I love the original Transformers animated series and animated movie, so I was very biased going in to see the live action movie. But I was amazed and pleased looking at Megan Fox (excuse me, I meant the special effects), but I must say Shia LeBeouf held his own as Sam Witwicky and since then he's become one of my favorite actors and a good friend of mine (Shia's father and I are going to create a rap album together. And yes, he can really flow). The bottom line is that Transformers 1 was a great movie (I don't have time to sit here and and type it out go to Netflix or Blockbuster and rent it, stop being such a cheap ass). Transformer 2 seems on point, but when the meteors land near the pyramids, I wonder if you were thinking what I was thinking? I'm happy to hear Jetfire is in Transformers 2, but will he be enough to stop the Fallen? We're about to find out how sweet revenge really is. How do you guys think it will do against The Watchmen? Holla atcha boy
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