Producer: Timbaland
Album: Tim's Bio: Life from da Basement

You have to wonder if Hennessy found the inspiration for those Wild Rabbit commercials from this song—"Phat Rabbit" is everything they imply. This track is grimey, slick, and reeks of promiscuity, and that's just because of the beat alone. Timbaland sampled it off Aaliyah's classic "Are You That Somebody," but stripped it of any scent of coyness or innocence.

As a result, you have a young MC who seems to be just living in this Red Light District-like wasteland. And the crazy thing about it is, he seems to be having a good time as he's just cavorting along that bass. It's almost as if Ludacris's sole intent is to peel away what little innocence the listener has left, which is a bit overkill, since this is the same album that featured "What's Your Fantasy?"

Lines like "Yo love is supa-cala-fragalistic/You don't know how bad I missed it" and "Reminisce like Mary/I gotta pop that cherry" are prime examples. "Phat Rabbit" is an album closer that feels like flavored molasses: It's sticky, messy, and probably not good for you, but somehow, you were left wanting more. —Brian Josephs