Producer: Lil Jon
Album: Put Yo Hood Up

The Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz employed their posse of Too $hort, Big Kapp, Chyna White, and most notably Ludacris on "Bia Bia," a track where the chorus uses the slang 'bia bia' to tell someone that, well, they're acting like a bia-bia-biatch. It's infectious hearing Lil Jon scream it with his raspy voice, but Ludacris' angry, smooth, and relatively slow verse showcased a more serious tenor of his on the haunting, predominantly piano-based beat, which Lil Wayne and Birdman would later sample on "Cali Dro." And as for Cali Dro and Lil Jon's raspy vocals, Ludacris exemplifies the virtues of both in the line: "Yo girl mad cause she told me don't even bring the thang/And then I told her, I said it's cool, get at me/And then my voice got raspy/Cause I was smokin' on some Cali and my eyes were dazed." Lauren Nostro