Producer: Herb Rooney
Album: N/A
Label: Sunburst

Amir: "That was used heavily for the drums, and some people used the sample later on in the song. Everyone from Paul C to Pete Rock and everybody else used those drums. It's hard to find a late '80s hip-hop song without them, or a few other key drum breaks."

Kon: "That is Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie on the drums, who I have had the pleasure of actually rocking with and meeting and going to dinner with. Probably the most recorded drummer in the history of music-modern-day R&B music, from the '60s on up. From Steve Gadd to Aretha Franklin, that guy has been on so many records, but 'Synthetic Substitution' is a timeless break. I mean, that's a hard hitting break, and the whole song is a crazy record. And the lyrics hold true to this day, now more than ever."

Sampled On: Ultramagnetic MC's "Ego Trippin'" (1988)