Producer: Brian Bennett
Album: Voyage (A Journey Into Discoid Funk)
Label: DJM

Amir: "Nas used that [on 'Find Ya Wealth']. The reason I chose that was to include Bruton Library records and European musicians people were getting into. They were made for soundtracks for shows or movies, these records were not supposed to be sold. They were supposed to be given to studios. With the world becoming digital, the studios and libraries got rid of a lot of these records. That was a perfect example of the library Euro-jazz funk age."

Kon: "That was one that had everyone trippin'. I think Alchemist used it. That appeared twice. That appeared on Brian Bennett's album but before that it appeared on a Bruton Library. So there are 2 releases of that, and I had both. This kid at the time-he was a lot younger than me at the time, but he's still my boy-he was getting into digging and he came up on a whole bunch of crazy really rare records.

"He came up on some original Weldon Irvine on his own private label. So this kid at the time didn't give a shit about that, he was like 'I don't want this shit, this shit don't have no samples on it, this sucks.' I gladly traded one of my extra Brian Bennett records for that Weldon Irvine record. After years went by my boy was like, 'I was such a dumbass.' I get a kick out of that."

Sampled On: The High & Mighty f/ Defari & Evidence "Top Prospects" (1999)