The typical call and response part of a live performance took a decidedly hostile turn Friday night during Lil Yachty’s recent appearance at a promotional event during South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. Yachty took the stage at Antone’s to perform “Broccoli” as part of a Universal Music Group showcase featuring Metro Boomin, Denzel Curry, and Dreezy. A fan took exception as Lil Boat joked about the lack of participation and energy from the crowd after asking them to sing along to the hook of his hit single with D.R.A.M.

“Damn that shit was so crazy,” Yachty joked to the crowd. “That shit sounded like y’all dreaded that shit.”

Yachty and crew members laughed off the lethargic response, and then one member of the crowd offered some sharp commentary by yelling, "You got no energy, nigga!"

“Me? What the fuck you want me to do?” Yachty asked.

A man who appeared to be a member of Yachty’s security detail doused the attendee with water as he and Yachty traded insults. Things escalated, as the event DJ dropped gunshot sound-effects between each insult.

“Shut your ass up, nigga,” Yachty replied. “Suck my dick, nigga. How about that, nigga?”

Another member of Yachty’s entourage threw a water bottle into the crowd, and someone from the crowd appeared to toss it back at Yachty and his crew.

According to AllHipHop co-founder Chuck Creekmur, who caught the exchange in an Instagram post, cooler heads eventually prevailed.

“The interaction got real tense, real fast,” Creekmur noted. “Yachty later apologized.”