Label: Ruff Ryders, Def Jam

Tunji Ige: "I heard that album when I was around 7. I was born in ‘95, so around 2002. It’s the first hip-hop album I really got into. Like, just from the intro: 'One-two, one-two, come through.' The songs on that album, like 'Damien,' the Swizz Beatz classics from that era. The Ruff Ryders' aesthetic made hip-hop cool to me. It was just so abrasive, so against everything that it was supposed to be.

"As a kid growing up that was what really resonated with me and I felt it. Like what is this hip-hop stuff? Before hip-hop I was listening to kid shit. When I looked at it I was like, this shit is crazy. With the lyrical content, even as a kid I could tell he was talking about some serious shit."