It's been a little over a year since Harry Hudson released his EP, The Treatment (A-Side), a project that showcased a unique blend of vibes from the L.A.-based artist who hangs regularly with Kylie Jenner and counts himself as a member of MSFTSrep­ alongside Jaden Smith, Willow, and others. Today, Harry shifts his sound once again with "Stop." The song sheds away the full synth backdrops of The Treatment for a more bare-bones approach that allows his emotions to take center stage.

"I lost myself last year trying to keep up with the idea of me rather than staying true to myself," Harry says of the inspiration behind his latest record. "I went through depression trying to conform to what people (society) wanted me to be. I had to step away from making music for about 6-months so I could really find myself."

That sentiment shines through on "Stop," which features production from frequent collaborator dB. "I feel like I rediscovered myself, my purpose, and my sound," Harry adds. "No one can stop me, but me."

Check out "Stop" below and be on the lookout for his as-yet-titled debut album, which is due out later this year. He's also been collaborating with Jaden on his upcoming album, so you can expect a lot of new music from Harry coming soon.