Frank Sinatra Jr. has died at the age of 72 of an unexpected heart attack while touring in Daytona Beach, Florida, according to a statement his family made to The Associated Press. The son of the legendary Frank Sinatra, he carried on his father's legacy by making his own successful music career. He eventually became a conductor and musical director under his father, and has toured the world with his music, performing at dozens of famous venues in the United States and beyond. He also appeared on an episode of Family Guy back in 2006.

Sinatra Jr. was famously kidnapped in 1963 at age 19 in Lake Tahoe, Nevada by a group of men who forced his father to pay a large ransom for his release. Sinatra Sr. eventually did, giving the kidnappers $240,000 in exchange for his son's freedom according to the FBI. The trio of kidnappers were eventually caught, and sentenced to prison terms despite their defense lawyers arguing his father had set the whole thing up as a publicity stunt.

Several artists and public figures tweeted their condolences.