With the music world currently taking over Texas for SXSW, Saucelord Rich​—one half of the production duo FKi—is looking to make some major noise with a new project from Key! and Zuse​ that he produced entirely. On the project, which is titled Hello Poy, Zuse and Key! connect for eight new banging songs that features the Atlanta spitters flowing over some crazy production from Rich throughout. This project quickly brings up memories of FKi and Key!'s 2014 joint EP, FKEYi​, which is still getting run today.

The project not only includes songs from Zuse and Key! together, but also solo tracks as well as a feature from ManManSavage​. "Both Key! and Zuse my brothers before rap. There was no plan or anything to put this project together or even drop it," Rich told Complex. "We did one record and before you knew it one record turned into this project."

"I feel every person can take at least one song off this project and put it on their phone," he continued. "I don't bump it because I'm involved, I bump it because it's dope. It also is a reminder that there is blood in my sauce."

While this project is a nice warm up for everyone involved, Saucelord Rich has much more in store for 2016 and the eventual release of his long-awaited solo project, King Wolf. You can stream Hello Poy in full below and revisit Rich's 2015 interview with Complex, where he talked about FKi's come up and more, right here