Throughout the years, Chief Keef's music videos have always had a special level of turntness to them, and his new visual for "Superheros" featuring A$AP Rocky is no exception. The video for the song, which was featured on Keef's Bang 3 album, features Sosa and Rocky mobbing out with their crew in front of an exotic whip. There's nothing flashy about the Phil Jackson-directed video, but for a gritty song like this, that kind of thing isn't needed. It's simply Rocky and Sosa going back and forth while spitting over the booming production. The video is also a great reminder of how much A$AP snapped on the song, with lines like, "Green like Cloverland, everyday I'm blowing grams, everything is purple, yes I am the Joker then." Rocky and Keef have yet to connect again on anymore music, but here's to hoping that more fire is on the way.