It's no secret that Young Scooter is familiar with the ways of the street, and he shows off that uncanny knowledge in his latest video for "Bag It Up" featuring Future. In the video, which also features cameo appearances from VH1's Shekina and 702's Meelah, Scooter executes a plan to meet with the plug in a warehouse where he then looks over the product before going through with the deal and eventually makes his way to the "Count Room" where he picks up his earnings for the take. As this storyline plays out, Scooter and Future find themselves in a different warehouse, rapping along to the street cut while the calm, yet menacing production of the song helps set the tone for the video. 

"Everyday everybody has a 'bag and sell' hustle, for that matter a 'tag and sell' hustle," Scooter says. "You can bag and sell anything, grocery store clerks bag and sell groceries, real estate agents bag and sell homes, everybody got a product to's a way of life. So whatever your hustle is, 'bag it up and sell it.'"

This track was featured on Scooter's most recent mixtape, 80s Baby, and will serve as a precursor to his first street album, Jug Season, which he has said is on the way. Watch the video above, and stream Scooter's latest mixtape here