Heavy is the head. 

Kendrick Lamar is under pressure. After releasing what is considered the best rap album of the past half decade (2012’s good Kid, m.A.A.d City), TDE’s golden child has stayed relatively quiet. Well, except for the time he hopped on that song and proceeded to tell every rapper within earshot to step their game up. Then there was the time he was nominated for seven Grammy awards, including ones for Best New Artist, Album of the Year, and Best Rap Song, failed to take home a single golden gramophone, and had Macklemore publicly apologize for "robbing him." But, still, compared to his peers, K Dot has kept things on the hush. And for good reason. 

The child of Compton is gearing up to release the follow-up to his highly acclaimed major label debut. How do you follow a classic? How do you make sure your album checks off all the boxes after you told everyone with a microphone to do better? Who knows. We just hope Kendrick knows. Associate Editor, Insanul Ahmed, believes he does. Kendrick welcomed Insanul, along with photographers Coleman and B+, to L.A. to share just what is going through his head as he prepares for this momentous occasion. We got to watch him work and see how he creates songs. Our takeaway? Despite what we think, Kendrick doesn't seem all that stressed. Is King Kendrick ready to assume the throne? Read on to find out.