Coming straight from America's hardest town, Portland, SPF666 has managed to make an EP that pushes the boundaries of bass music while being an enjoyable ride at the same time.

Admit it, there are times where people will be all like "this producer is so awesome and future" and you will be like "this is unlistenable at home let alone playable in a club." Even people like me, a superstar blogger with his ear to the future, can encounter music that while it may be technically ambitious, leaves us wondering in what instance a human being could enjoy it.

Obviously that's not the case here. Far from it. This is a clip of grime bangers that should slaughter a good sound system and if you DJ, the dancefloor. Not only are the originals on point but the remixes are killer, too, and you get to hear the work of rising stars like Mike G and Massacooramaan. Though they don't deviate from the grime template of the originals too much, each remix brings it's own brand of madness into the mix making this EP essential to any connoisseur of fine bass music. It's a pay what you can release to top it all off. No hesitation required here, folks.