When people usually mention selfies in hip-hop they think of Tyler, The Creator's random pics with people like Jerry Springer or Nicki Minaj's butt selfies but a lot of people fail to remember the guy who's been taking selfies long before most of these artists created their Instagram accounts: Soulja Boy.

The mastermind behind "We Made It" has taken over 100 selfies in the last two years. His candid shots include him topless shouting out his adoring fans, showing off his stacks of cash, and quick selfies of himself at the denist's office just because.

Aside from all that money, fame, and tattoos he's just like the rest of us! We've compiled Soulja Boy's selfies from the ones of him hitting Myspace poses to the ones of him in lighting up at a car wash on 4/20. Keeping stunting on them haters Soulja, you truly are the king of kings selfies... 

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