If someone would have told me yesterday that I would be reviewing a Zedd remix not once, but twice, I would have laughed at them and mentioned something about how I can barely listen to Brillz' remix of "Clarity," and that has one of the sickest drops of this modern electronic era to date in my humble opinion. Like I always say though, that is the beauty of electronic music, remixes in particular. An original track can be played out or sold out or whatever anyone wants to say about Zedd, even though I should point out that I don't really get sick of "Stay the Night," and still when remixed it is a completely new track. Even the same exact track. It is in the drops and fills and instrumentals that an artist shows their unique sound, that their personality shines through.

Like the Caked Up remix I recently posted was all bounce and twerk, this No Pets Allowed remix is melodic and flowy. Aside from the amazeballs vocals of Hayley Williams and the basic melody to this track, this version has a totally different feel. I want to say opposite, but that is limiting this music to two poles and putting these two tracks on one straight line. It isn't that simple, but it makes sense in certain context. For instance, the former begins with a dubbed vocal and the latter speeds up that same lyric towards the end, and chops it into a bridge-like build.

There are so many elements that go into any piece of music, and changing any one, or a combination of, those things allows a producer to add a personal touch that defines their sound. The uniqueness in the melodic flow of No Pets Allowed shines through all over this "Stay the Night" remix, and the vocals even sound different as they move through it. The sound is something I can really chill with, vibe with, groove with. It is something really different from other versions of this track, but consistent with the sound of No Pets Allowed.

There really isn't a genre to define this sound, but it is happy and melodic. This newest remix is cozy and upbeat, like an ugly Christmas sweater. It is something to snuggle by the fire with, and considering it is New Year's Eve, pop a bottle of bubbly and go ahead and "Stay the Night."