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Mixtape: R8R & L-Wood Present Northern California Trunk Tape Resurrection
Producer: DuceWa 

This is a loosie that dropped back in September but was recently heard on R8r, L-wood, and Dave Dice’s Fresh Out Volume 3 mix (which you can download here). These guys have made some great mixes that highlight a grip of Northern California tape cuts that you’ve never heard but should be listening to. The track that has been getting the most play is from ABFIFI, an Oakland rapper who's been active for a couple of years now but hasn’t really blown yet. He is very rooted in that classic East Bay sound but with a slightly updated twist that you’ll find with a lot of the latest breed of Oakland rappers.

You can’t get much more Oakland than an anthem for the Town like this. That beat is so fresh but yet still sounds like a classic Oakland slapper. That hook is so addictive, just makes you slump while you ride around claiming an affiliation to a city you wished you lived in. You don’t get much more Oakland than repeatedly yelling "bitch." Also when these guys start stressing their words hella hoard it’s just such a great example of that East Bay vernacular done right.

Beeda Weeda is the biggest name on this track, so that might explain why you haven’t heard it. That, and outside of a select few, Bay Area street raps aren’t being checked for as much as they used to. People should be paying attention though, because dope-ass songs like this drop all the time, and if you aren’t steady following sites like Thizzler or Mobb Report, you’re gonna miss out on some dope tracks. Like anywhere else, you’ve got to sift through some bullshit, but when you find a slapper like this it’s worth it.

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