We hear so much about how much the guys make in the music industry, it's refreshing to hear just about the women who run things for a change. Forbes Magazine satisfies this curiosity with their list of the top ten highest earning women in music for the year.

 Here are some interesting things to take away from this list :

  • Madonna ($125 Million) is still the Queen Bee (so to speak): She sits at number one on the list grossing over 305 million dollars with her MDMA Tour. 
  • Lady Gaga ($80 Milion) is also high on the list. Her album heavily-advertised "flop"Artpop  was released after Forbes' scoring period, but she was still able to make plenty of money from touring in 2013.
  • Even without an album in stores this year, Beyoncé (#4) still made $53M. Oh and she makes $2 million in every city she performs in. Sheesh.
  • American Idol enemiesNicki Minaj & Mariah Carey, astonishingly, came in tied at the ten spot. Both women made a grip off of endorsements, but the bulk of their money came from their time as judges on Idol. Nickiis also hip-hop's only representative on the top ten list.

Find out Rihanna, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez and the rest of the women ranked here.

[via Forbes]

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