Your favorite rappers and celebrities dish out the goods on DJ Vlad's new series VladTV's True Hip-Hop Stories, presented by Complex TV. From salacious to hilarious, they reveal the moments you'll never hear about in public, accompanied by priceless animations courtesy of Broken Equipment Productions.

In this episode of VladTV's True Hip-Hop Stories, Freekey Zeekey talks about the time he and Dipset got themselves into trouble in Boston.

The group was scheduled to perform for a promotional show, which they weren't getting paid for. Or so they thought, until they spoke with N.O.R.E. who said he was getting paid for his performance. Angered, they threatened promoter Mike Lighty and demanded money before they hit the stage. "Mike Lighty went inside and came out with niggas like 6'5'', like 17 niggas. We like, 'Oh shit,'" Zekey remembers. With the group clearly outnumbered, Dipset were saved by a friend they nicknamed "Buddy Lee." Watch the clip above to find out how. 

If you enjoyed this episode, watch below where Freekey Zekey says a missed show in Chicago almost ended badly for Dipset.


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