On Monday, October 21, Hot Mom is set to release the "Bandit" single from Vjuan Allure. To keep it funky, I'm not up on Vjuan's music at all, but he's got the kind of club sound that I'd hear at a club music night, get super hyper about, and only be able to relive in my distant memories of the night. You just don't get to hear club music this raw in many dance music circles, so having Hot Mom put this release in their scheduled and prop it up this way is awesome. On this edition of the MILFCAST, Vjuan takes us through a number of tracks from his single, as well as a number of remixes and dubs. If you were looking to get your groove on, this is what you need to hit play on.


1. Vjuan Allure - I'm Booked
2. Ruined Cunt ft. Azealia Banks
3. Icona Pop - I Don't Care (The Elite Love It Remix) Vjuan Allure
4. Vjuan Allure - Bandit (Distal's Bounce Mix) // Hot Mom USA
5. Vjuan Allure - Eating It From The East ft. Koppi Mizrahi
6. Vjuan Allure - Kill, Killed, Killeded
7. Vjuan Allure - T2O Many
8. Vjuan Allure - The Rippperr // Hot Mom USA
9. Gangsta Boo - Yeah Hoe (The Elite Powder Slapp Remix) Vjuan Allure
10. James Nasty - Favorite Bitch (The Elite Puta Mix) Vjuan Allure
11. Vjuan Allure - Ectopus // Hot Mom USA
12. Vjuan Allure - Wonder Who ft. Norman Mizrahi
13. Vjuan Allure - Would You Like