Stalley releases his new music video "Gettin' By" from his latest project Honest Cowboy.

It was shot in Paris, France and directed by Kellen Dengler, who also did the video for "City of 30,000 Wolves." Through a remarkable lense contrast we get to view Stalley riding around in an elegant Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG with gull-wing doors while describing a life that was once destitute. Now the 30-year-old rapper is seeing his life flourish, yet he'll never forget where he came from. "The bottom dwellers went from rags to riches/From the beat up buggy to the platinum sixes/The baddest women show off our existence/Paper plate eating, we the fendi print dishes," he raps. Motivational music, executed flawlessly. 

[via NahRight]

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