You've gotta love I-Octane. He's one of the few dancehall stars who can do it all, from roots reggae to thugged-out theme songs and even twerkin' tunes that get the dancefloor packed with the ladies. Just in case the title "Wine & Jiggle" leaves you confused, his latest video falls squarely into the latter category. The song was produced by Seanizzle, the man who brought you the smash hit "Rum & Redbull," and any time it comes on it drives the fairer sex into a frenzy. Thankfully the video abstains from the usual up-in-the-club cliches, opting instead for a scenario that every public transportation passenger can relate to. What better way to spice up your morning commute than to transform an overcrowded bus into a mobile sound system filled with twerking bashment girls? Let's get right to the video, shall we?