Your favorite rappers and celebrities dish out the goods on DJ Vlad's new series VladTV's True Hip-Hop Stories, presented by Complex TV. From salacious to hilarious, they reveal the moments you'll never hear about in public, accompanied by priceless animations courtesy of Broken Equipment Productions.

In the third episode of VladTV's True Hip-Hop Stories, DJ Envy reveals the first time he ever met Nas in the mid-90s, which could have ended fatally based on a miscommunication between the two.

The determined young DJ describes how he saw Nas exiting a building with a woman in one hand, and approached the Queens rapper with hopes of sharing his new mixtape. He announced, "Yo Nas, what up? I got something for you," referring to his mix CD. However, Nas took his words the wrong way, and pulled a gun on Envy. Watch above to find out what happened next.

If you enjoyed this episode, watch below where Mimi Faust shares a heated moment in the bedroom with Eve and producer Stevie J

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