There's nothing that gets you motivated for a workout quite like some hard hitting music.  Morning Glory is a collective that has taken over a really unique music and art space in London called Village Underground in an effort to provide a rave from 6:30 until 10:30 in the morning.  Though this doesn't seem to be a daily event (the next session looks to be a month from now), it's an indicator that business is looking to cash in on EDM culture.  This is one move that you really can't be mad at though.

What isn't covered in this video are the perks you get with your £12 (roughly $19) ticket. You can wake up to a massage, move over to grab a coffee, follow the moves of their dance team, and take a break to drink a superfood smoothie. Village Underground is an old train station that has been gutted out and used for events that's hosting everyone from Jaga Jazzist to Raekwon, and doubles as a space to host art exhibits.  It's a different kind of event in an incredibly unique location.

It's amazing that someone is taking a piece of our culture and turning it into a motivational movement geared towards making people healthier and happier, and this win-win makes me think that rave workouts could explode as a trend in the United States. I would undoubtedly be game to listen to trap on a giant sound system and work on my lats at 7AM.  As a matter of fact, I'd love to start my day by PLAYING bass music as my first task of the day.  It would be so incredibly satisfying to get people motivated for their day by spinning underground tunes.  I think I'm officially taking all bookings for early morning dance parties.