Action Bronson quietly killed the week with the release of Saaab Stories.

Date: June 11

While everyone was glued to their timelines awaiting leaks of next week's big releases, Action Bronson dropped a mixtape called Saaab Stories, produced entirely by Harry Fraud. Though it’s only seven tracks, it’s perhaps the strongest work of the hefty, redheaded Queens native's career—and one of the better collections of music released by any rapper this year. Bronson’s strategy of working with a single producer for an entire project (Rare Chandeliers with Alchemist, Blue Chips with Party Supplies) always makes for a nice sense of cohesion—and it paid off in spades in this case. Though you'd imagine a slew of Harry Fraud beats would pay off for any rapper with a functional larynx.

Since at this point, you probably have a certain 10-track album leak on repeat, you might want a quick rundown of Saaab Stories—a thematic summary of seven songs you'll want to return to after Tuesday's fireworks. 

1) “72 Virgins.” Bronsolino says he chills with Bruce Willis.

2) “Triple Backflip." A sumo wrestler moonlighting as an acrobat.

3) “No Time." YOLO: You only looklikeagianthilariousrappingviking once.

4) “The Rockers." Surprise! Bronson and Wiz Khalifa like to smoke weed.

5) “Strictly 4 My Jeeps." Queens shit.

6) “Alligator." Bronson is committed to purchasing various dangerous animals for his birthday.

7) “Seven Series Triplets." As if you didn’t need another reason to compare him with Ghostface, he’s on a song with Raekwon, the original rapping chef (and Prodigy from Mobb Deep.)

Overall, it sounds like its cover art looks: a little weird, definitely gross, way over-the-top. But striking, and imbued with a certain elegance. —Alexander Gleckman

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