Body count: 4
Best threat: "Now it's a flood of blood in circumference to her face/And an abundance of brains all over the street/Shame how we had to meet"
Album: Stress: The Extinction Agenda
Producer: Organized Konfusion
Label: Hollywood BASIC, Elektra

With a reputation for carving out their own path rather than following trends, Organized Konfusion flipped the proverbial script on the standard "cautionary tale" blueprint with this innovative description of the secret life of stray bullets. Over a backdrop of "Wind Parade" and "Nautilus" samples, Pharoahe Monch and Prince Poetry detail how each projectile claims its innocent victims in graphic detail at the playground and the club. Nas later adapted the concept for "I Gave You Power," instead taking the perspective of the gun itself, but it wasn't quite able to match the vividness of O.K.'s advanced wordplay or innovative cadences. This is a perfect example of a vivid song not needing a video to be effective—in fact, it's better for not having one at all.