Mac Miller is releasing his album Watching Movies With the Sound Off on June 18th, alongside the respective albums of industry giants Kanye West and J. Cole—but he seems unfazed by the competition. Mac's previous album, Blue Slide Park, debuted at number one on sales charts, but he'll certainly have a difficult time maintaining a streak at that level against the highly anticipated Yeezus and Born Sinner

In this interview with SkeeTV, Mac says that he had been set on the date for quite some time, and that when he found out that the day had become a much bigger deal, he was "nervous at first," but then thought "this is an omen." He's certainly not standing down, and it seems like it'll be a good day for all three releases, perhaps even better due to the simultaneity.

Mac goes on to talk about the seemingly long-gone issue of Donald Trump, and he clarifies that their relationship started to go downhill once he admitted in an interview with Complex that he actually didn't have much respect for Donald, despite having named a song after the business magnate. Sorry about that, Don.

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 [via SkeeTV]