Ghostface Killah, The Pretty Toney Album (2004)

Ghostface Killah: “I don’t think I have a favorite on Pretty Toney. When I made that shit, weed started to fuck me up. It took me eighteen months to finish.

“Man, it started happening where I’d get a couple of lines out writing, then I’d forget everything I wanted to do. Then I’d chill, and see if I could go back and try to get it. I was doing a hundred takes a fucking verse. I was thinking, ‘I can’t get it.’ And whoever was in the studio would be like, ‘Yo, it’s hot!’ And I’d be like, ‘Nah, do it again.’

“So I was like, ‘Damn, yo. I gotta stop smoking.’ No more weed, because it’s throwing me off. I had ‘Holla,’ and ‘Run’ on there. And the shit with Sheek and Styles P, ‘Metal Lungies,’ that was a good one, too. It was cool, but the album wasn’t where I wanted it to be.”

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