Producer: Lex Luger
Album: Cabin Fever
Label: Rostrom/Taylor GangAt first glance, "Errday" looks like a throwaway Wiz Khalifa song. Then again, so did all of Cabin Fever even though it ended up being an important moment for Wiz. Upon closer inspection of "Errday," it reveals itself as the rebirth of Juicy J.

After previously hooking up with Wiz for the "G-Mix" of "Black and Yellow" and working with Lex Luger throughout Rubba Band Business, Juicy teams up with Wiz over Luger's beat to deliver one of his most memorable verses. He may not debut his newfound trippy persona on this song, but he certainly cements it.

His high energy hedonism here is at its most charming as he drops one of the best rap lines of the past few years, "My mansion sitting on forty acres—who the neighbors?/Kobe Bryant from the Lakers, now that's paper!" A line so popular he later made a song called "Who Da Neighbors." Juicy's renewed sense of purpose would give him the momentum needed to rock his way into more quality new material like "A Zip and A Double Cup" before finally culminating into a Billboard hit with "Bandz A Make Her Dance."

Those songs were able to breathe new life into Juicy's career. That might explain why Wiz—who grew up idolizing Three 6 Mafia—once told Complex, "There are kids these days who don't even know Juicy J's old shit. Before, Juicy was cadences, he's more lyrical now." —Insanul Ahmed