Date: 6/10/1990

When you think of a 2 Live Crew show, you probably envision freaky lyrics, booming 808s, and shaking asses in thongs. And yes, this 1990 show at Club Futura in Hollywood, Florida, had all those things. But it was more than that too. The show came shortly after a federal judge ruled the pioneering Miami bass group's album, As Nasty As They Wanna Be, obscene, meaning that it was illegal to perform it in certain areas of Florida.

Regardless, Uncle Luke and his boys defiantly performed one of their signature steamy sets in Broward County, where they'd already clashed with the authorities over their XXX antics. Three sheriffs watching from the crowd arrested Luke and another band member right after the show. An obscenity trial-and accompanying media circus-followed, but 2 Live Crew, and freedom of speech, prevailed. If anything, they won Danny Brown the right to get a blow job onstage.