Anyone unfamiliar with Blue Sky Black Death is living under a rock.  They are a Seattle production duo that make those beats that cross genres perfectly.  You can tell their influence comes from all over the place, and their records with Nacho Picasso fit perfectly into a set with trap or dubstep or whatever else a DJ decides to play.  Their work with  Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire and Donnis is top-notch as well, and their solo releases are breathtaking.

They've also been giving out a good portion of their releases for free, which is a rarity for anyone that's making such wonderful music.  Beat makers often times try their hand at ventures in order to recoup some of their money.  This organic style of releasing music has benefited all of us, and it's our duty to return the favor.  There are just as many 'Name Your Own Price' releases as there are projects that require a small amount of money to download.

Their apartment has been robbed.  They no longer have laptops, gear, or speakers.  It's disheartening that someone would invade someone's privacy and violate their safety, but to see 2 absolutely wonderful guys that really are making a positive contribution to music have to start over is just sad. They will undoubtedly be spending MONTHS revamping their drum kits, creating new patches, and getting back to zero.  We can only assume all of their project files are gone as well.  If you want to help them, please visit their Bandcamp page and buy a couple releases.  And share this post around to anyone that you think might care.  A strong push from all of us can really help some beautiful artists in their time of need.