Robert Poindexter of the '70s band The Persuaders is suing Cash Money to the tune of 600 bands for the sample of his own band's song "Love Gonna Pack Up (and Walk Out)," which was fairly obviously lifted for use on Bow Wow's song "Still Ballin" from a few years back. The sample can also be heard on Will Smith's "Willow is A Player," from his 2002 album Born to Reign, but hopefully we're not getting anyone in trouble there.

Poindexter claims neither Cash Money nor Mr. 106 & Park himself had reached out to him to clear the track. The seventy-something has also sued 50 Cent (for use of the same song, see "Redrum") and Kanye West in the past. Soul samplers, beware of using the Persuaders, because senior citizens are about their paper, too.

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