In a recent interview with MTV, Juelz Santana talks about The Diplomats coming back together, and says that he is to blame for the delay because he was in "chill mode" and not even doing music for himself for a while. He also says that the members of the group weren't talking to each other, let alone working together, for a good period of time as well.

But it sounds like Juelz, Cam'ron, and Jim Jones have all had a chance to reconnect beyond their 2010 reunion record "Salute," and that getting back in the studio together is a real possibility. Juelz says, "We've all agreed that we're willing to do it." We'll have to wait and see if it gets done. Let's hope so.

Watch the interview clip above, and check out the new Juelz Santana mixtape God Will'n, which dropped yesterday.

[via MTV]