Craziest request: Two medium-sized cakes reading “DIM MAK”

Picking out the most ridiculous request by Steve Aoki wasn't easy. The DJ/producer is becoming increasingly well known for his off-the-wall live shows that typically include—you guessed it—those two medium-sized cakes. What does he do with them? Well, let's just say he learned how to share at a young age. Also, props to anyone who requests that he needs an inflatable raft, because nothing says crowd participation like riding their hands like the rapids.

Full list of items"Inflatable boat or dingie, four confetti blast machines, handheld CO2 air blower, no self-powered speakers, only a Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus mixer, and other electronic goodies for his setup. Lots of drinks: 48 bottled waters, four Vita Coco drinks, eight ORGAIN protein drinks, two bottles of premium vodka, three bottles of champagne (cork only!), two bottles of Cristal, and much more booze. Even more food and drinks at the hotel, which must be within two miles of the venue."